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OUR MISSION: PSI aims to be the leading commercial interior specialty contractor in California and Northern Nevada by differentiating itself from its competitors. It does so by offering tailored products and services and by being considered a valued resource and business partner by others in our industry.



Office environments should have the flexibility to be modular, because change is something we face frequently.

PSI has the experience and knowledge to design a floor system that will easily adapt to a company's changing requirements. Access floors are more cost efficient and quieter than traditional carpeted slab floors. When installed with Underfloor Air Diffusers, this complete Building Technology Platform™ will provide an excellent working environment.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Allows quick and easy reconfiguration of workstations and work environments
  • Easy access to critical services
  • Levels uneven floors
  • Reduces wiring and cable configuration costs
  • Eliminates costly pre-wired furniture
  • Reduces energy and cooling consumption
  • For new buildings you can achieve 15 percent faster construction and completion time
  • Provides individual temperature control
The underfloor air distribution is
working as specified. We have far fewer temperature complaints, no indoor air quality problems and much happier occupants.
-Thomas Costello

Tate's Access Floors are available in a wide range of interchangeable panels to accommodate a variety of interior decors.

The understructure pedestals with ConCore panels and adjustable PosiLock™ heads come in several strengths to support heavy traffic to heavy equipment.

Discover how Tate's Access Floors with Underfloor Air Diffusers can enhance an office building's value.