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OUR MISSION: PSI aims to be the leading commercial interior specialty contractor in California and Northern Nevada by differentiating itself from its competitors. It does so by offering tailored products and services and by being considered a valued resource and business partner by others in our industry.

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Fabricmate Panels and Systems can make an immediate and meaningful contribution to any business. Enhance the appearance of any business space while improving acoustics and making it a more desirable place to be.

Clients, customers, employees, and visitors all appreciate attractive, comfortable surroundings. It puts them at ease, makes a great impression, and allows them to do their best work. Flexible in design, our products can address surfaces of almost any shape and size. An almost unlimited array of fabrics or other coverings can be employed and Fabricmate products combine well with other materials to achieve the exact look you want. Match existing materials, company colors or create an entirely new look. Fabricmate Panels and System install easily, can be used on almost any existing surface and virtually eliminate maintenance costs.
...the installation was completed in a
timely and professional manner...
-Michael Fox
Mount Diablo Unified School District